Attending TAM? Say “HI” to Noah


July 6, 2013 by kittynh

My friend Noah Whippie is coming to his first TAM (the Amazing Meeting).

He is a wonderful artist and illustrator, he takes a break from his usual style to help illustrate skeptic children’s books, including “Fairy Tales Fairly Told” (available at Amazon and at TAM!  For sale at the JREF table along with other wonderful skeptic books!)  Check out his illustrations in the book, Amazon gives you a good free peek.


He’s a wonder skeptic, and has volunteered time and again to illustrate my blog.

Jack and Beanstalk

His Betty and Barney Hill illustration (with Delsie!) is a favorite.

Betty and Barney 2 ps

He’s kind of shy, and has a slight vision problem so please, come over and say “hi!”.  Also if you need some fabulous illustrations done, ask for his business card. He also has his own deck of playing cards, really fabulous illustrations.  You can also buy cool clothing featuring his work.  Just visit his site and click on projects

For a video review of the deck……

We are currently working on our next book, tentatively titled “The Keene Ghost Census”.  Stay tuned, Noah gets to be “spooky”!

One thought on “Attending TAM? Say “HI” to Noah

  1. sgerbic says:

    Thank you Kitty for bringing Noah to TAM. I wish it had been a few more quiet moments where I might have been able to spend some time to talk to him. But you know what TAM is like, time is something that is very precious. And the few moments you have are usually used to catch up on sleep.

    I really look forward to hearing more about Noah’s work, and your upcoming book. I’m pleased to support him in anyway I can with my limited influence. Please just let me know, we have to have each other’s backs. We have many skilled illustrators in our community, but we also have a lot of projects to do and hopefully will keep them all very busy.

    Lets get started!

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