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June 9, 2013 by kittynh

The Amazing Meeting is only in a few weeks, and there is still time to sign up. It’s incredible fun as well as inspirational and educational.


Natalie makes sure everyone feels welcome, including D.J.!

If you attend, please stop by the JREF forum Welcome Table.  The JREF is very generous and gives us a table for free to welcome people attending TAM.  While the forum is not officially affiliated with the JREF, it’s a wonderful online social area for skeptics, and not yet skeptics, to share information and sometimes fight things out.

The table will have the ever friendly Natalie and other volunteers, where we can answer any questions you have about TAM.  We’re all veteran TAM attenders and we know the hotel South Point very well.  We’ll also make sure you don’t sit alone at lunch, or if you are looking for someone to hang with at dinner, we’ll help you out.


Sara Mayhew stops by, she’s going to be a speaker this year!

(hint, just wear your TAM badge to the Del Mar Bar, the TAM pretty much takes it over.  You will meet a lot of friends very quickly)

Natalie makes pigasus to give out, the wonderful origami flying pig designed by Australian skeptic Richard Saunders.  This year Natalie and I are making Forum Fortune cookies.  While made of paper (I can’t bake that many cookies!) the fortunes are going to be TRUE.


We will also have our usual free drawing, just for stopping by and saying “hi!” you get a chance to win a fun mini flying pig!  If I can, the pigasus will have a placebo band collar! (I need to get some!)

It’s part of how the forum likes to give back to the JREF for hosting such a wonderful site for skeptics to get to know each other online.



Also, the forum has a scholarship fund.  We collect money, through donations and selling donated articles (the shop “Forumfriends” donatesprofits raised to the forum scholarship fund).  The forum has many very generous members that donate also.  We want to make the real life meeting of skeptics possible!  It’s great fun to go to a TAM, and meet up with the people you know only online.

Still, remember, at TAM, everyone has a friend at the Forum Welcome Table!  Questions answered, free stuff, and a chance to win a cuddly pigasus!  Come say HELLO!


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