When I played Vegas, or why rabbits should never be used by magicians


June 4, 2013 by kittynh

I know one good magic trick.  I learned it from my brother, who learned it as part of a skit when he was a boy scout.

I was surprised when attending the first TAM (The Amazing Meeting) that James Randi performed this same trick!  I’ve seen him perform it many times since then, but he does it with a twist, and better, than I have ever been able to do.

Randi performs his trick with his wrist tied, and right in front of everyone!  Here are photographs of him performing this escape trick while on a JREF cruise to the Caribbean.

ImageRandi was surrounded by people, but still AMAZED us all with this escape.

ImageThe view of what Randi was seeing.  He had the full attention of everyone!


I performed my version at the TAM talent show (now sadly no longer a part of The Amazing Meeting).  My assistant was the ever charming Susie Lee.  Two totally unknown to me volunteers from the audience volunteered to help.


My version of this trick is a little more violent! Susie is a brave assistant! These unknown volunteers were told to tie her up, as hard as they could! (photos by Susan Gerbic, if my memory is correct!)


The two sex crazed rabbits, Quasimodo and Egg (Quasimodo because he likes to hump and Egg as she likes to get laid) are part of all my magic performances. Of which there have been two. But I played Vegas both times!


I have to admit, things got weird. It’s the way I roll.


The wonderful Mac King, who was one of the judges. Sadly my favorite Vegas magician (go see him, people that hate magic, love Mac King!) did not award us any prizes. But he did pose with Susie and myself with was prize enough! We were thrilled!

if you dare… watch and see if you can see how Randi, and Susie Lee, escape.  It should be noted, we only practiced this trick ONCE (which is why there was a missed cue and I had to keep talking a little too long!).  I think, for only doing one run through, it went well. The sheet was a mess as the floor backstage was a mess!  Susie is the best assistant ever, and I have no clue who those men are.  My friend Natalie played the PETA lady,and was wonderful to go along with my “hey want to be in a magic act?” suggestion.  Let’s face it there is a reason people living in 5 different states do not make the best magic team, but we had a blast

Also if you have the opportunity, attend TAM.  While there is no longer a “talent show” there is plenty of magic.  Randi himself always pulls off a few tricks, let’s just say no silverware is safe from bending if he is around, and even Mac King himself might show up if just to hang around.  That is if he’s ever recovered from being a judge.  He probably still has nightmares.

3 thoughts on “When I played Vegas, or why rabbits should never be used by magicians

  1. Geek Goddess says:

    Are you saying that you don’t know Adam and Jason?

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