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  1. How NOT to make a face mask…


    April 6, 2020 by kittynh

    I don’t sew beautiful garments. I sew seconds.  You know the articles of clothing that end up at discount stores …
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  2. Former Mayor of Bangor Maine, calls for shutdown!

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    March 14, 2020 by kittynh

    World War Two was four years long. (I’ll get back to this. Yes, it’s about coronavirus.) In Bangor, because of …
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  3. Corona Virus Luxury Lockdown…


    March 12, 2020 by kittynh

    So, my 60th birthday celebration was supposed to be at one of my favorite places, filled with friends and family, …
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  4. When Jacques swam down, he almost drowned, but proved Negri a liar

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    February 4, 2013 by kittynh

    Jacques Cousteau’s  1952 book, “The Silent World” documents his adventures developing and testing the first aqualung (free diving gear). Starting …
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