What do you get for $1 at a book sale?

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May 6, 2021 by kittynh

I was very happy to be vaccinated so I could attend my favorite book sale. The book sale at the Cheshire County Historical Society!

The books are $1 each, unless it’s bag of books day. Just a few books will run you extra money and they have their own table for the dealers.

I’ll admit, my choices in books were mainly for junk journaling, not reading. The book I took these illustrations from had both the back and front cover off. Checking out I had to laugh as there was a sense of “Who would want to read these books?”

I informed everyone they were for the illustrations, though in some older heavily damaged books I like to use just the papers.

I have some rag paper for instance that is just the right weight for some crafts. I also have some much loved dictionaries with onion skin type paper, so thin it makes the most beautiful book page flowers.

I want everyone to relax as I am scanning the illustrations from this 1863 book. Even I can’t bring myself to cut it up. Yet. This encyclopedia of biology is fabulous, not even a whiff of Darwin in it! The illustrations are adorable and also terrifying. There are a lot of animals killing each other in some illustrations.

Still, when I head for the books that no one else is going to purchase, I know what I’m doing.

For just $1 I have a great source of illustrations. I even snagged volume two that has lizards.

It may only be in New England you can get very old books that people were just going to throw out and instead donated. But these books find a new home and new chapter in their lives with me!

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