Doing Something for Lent, NOT giving up…yikes!


April 19, 2021 by kittynh

This is the lovely artwork my daughter Aynsley did to show the “Garden Congregation”. Tiger the three legged cat is shown.

Trust me, this is not a post about religion. But I want to say I’ve been enjoying the Right Reverend Dean Robert of Canterbury Cathedral in the mornings. HIs morning service, is incredibly packed with history, fun stories and “friends”. His lock down friends are cats, pigs, a duck, some turkeys from the USA, and chickens.

Plus it all comes from the garden, and so the online “friends” are called the “Garden Congregation”. Even non believers have enjoyed his soothing voice and his joy in life.

So this isn’t meant to convert anyone or to annoy anything. I’ll admit I got to use a lot of the religious art from my art books that I use for junk journaling!

As a child I celebrated Lent. For my brothers and myself this meant finding something to “give up” that we wouldn’t mind giving up too much. Like chewing gum.

Dean Robert has a new suggestion. He asked that we keep a small journal and write down just a few things that stand out from the video of the day.

He also asked that we keep it simple or “You will never finish it.” He was right, as I simplified this junk journal a LOT before starting.

It will make no sense to anyone, and I admit I didn’t keep the days in order. But I did it and finished it. Some days it just notes the pigs came out to enjoy the morning with us. (Also find the hidden Bernie).

I’m sending this off to Dean Robert at Canterbury, as a “Thank you” for giving me a focus and something to DO, at a time when my spirits were down and I lacked focus.

I knew making a junk journal would help focus my creative side, but what to do? I don’t know if he’ll enjoy it or be slightly confused, but, It’s a gift to him.

Here is the rest of the journal/book.

The cover of the book, with William Morris fabric.

One thought on “Doing Something for Lent, NOT giving up…yikes!

  1. Tammy L Bowers says:

    Oh, Kitty, this is lovely❤

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