Felted Holiday Pumpkins, gone a little WILD!


September 21, 2020 by kittynh

Pumpkin Mania!

One of my favorite shops in the world, Harrisville Design Center, was interested when I commented I was going to try to make pumpkins. I usually felt gnomes and toadstools. Plus, I find it hard to keep to a design very long. Still, they were interested in any pumpkins I would make, and gave me some terrific pointers about making pumpkins.

First off, if you use wool yarn, you can just felt the yarn into the pumpkins creases. No need for a needle and pushing it through all that pumpkin. Just felt it in place as you make the crease. It works quite well.

My second suggestion is that if you want to make a bigger pumpkin, go with filler cheaper wool, or use some aluminum foil. Make a tight ball and then wrap the wool around it. It helps with making the pumpkin far easier to felt. Less wool, less felting.

Foil in the center makes for crunchy sounding felting!

I also use the “inner core yarn tied in knots” method. It saves a lot of time with less need to felt that inner core. Tight knots work very well for a tight core.

The store did mention pumpkins can be in ANY color. Which is good as I really had not bought enough orange. I had some color locks that I had no clue what to do with, and figured out what to do with them. Adding a little fun up top is important.

Once I had made some different colors, I was “I wonder what else I could do?” I am certain there are wool felting artists around the world doing this. I have to credit Michaels which has pumpkins with faces you can purchase.

I’m still torn between orange and white eyes. It’s still a work in progress.

All the pumpkins have been a learning experience. Each one is a little better, or a little different. I still have some new ideas to try out, but I also need to go back and purchase some more wool to felt.

Along with gnomes, pumpkins have to be the easiest thing to felt. Pumpkins are far from perfect. I love the different colors and felting a pumpkin would be the best way to use up leftover bits. Remember the core can be any color. The outside is what shows.

A great tutorial is by fellow felt artist and my internet friends at Lincolnshire Fenn Crafts. Also I can highly recommend her kits, but you would have to check on shipping as they are based in the UK.

I’m hoping Harrisville Design, the shop part, will also love the pumpkins. They also have online tutorial classes for felting really cute animals. I’m not sure if they have any coming up, but a great way to learn a new hobby and stay safe! (or in person one day as we see how the virus goes!).

These pumpkins are just to inspire you, as other pumpkins have inspired me! I’m trying out some new designs this week, so I’ll be sure to post if I’m happy with what my imagination has dreamed up!

Don’t forget, pumpkins can for holidays (any holiday in my opinion) and you can display them year round. Or your cats can learn to jump just a bit higher (thankfully my plump pusses can’t jump as high as my felted creations yet!).

Any “failed” pumpkins (and there are no failed pumpkins) can easily become cat toys. Which is also a plus!

4 thoughts on “Felted Holiday Pumpkins, gone a little WILD!

  1. AdventuresInFelt says:

    I applaud you for making all of those pumpkins. I would have just wet felted them! heh!

    • kittynh says:

      I need to learn wet felting!! I admit I need some more lessons, as I often haven’t much of a clue what I’m doing, and wet felting is so gorgeous when I see it! (there is a woman that makes the most beautiful hats locally!)

      • AdventuresInFelt says:

        There is a lot of information on google and youtube. I have spent days looking at things before I actually made anything.

  2. saramincy says:

    Ok these are amazing! I love the texture!!

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