Felted Mushrooms that are super easy!

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August 20, 2020 by kittynh

I’m working on a larger project I call “Shattered Glass 2”.  Fans of Marcel Duchamp will get the reference.  It’s going to take a long time, but as I’m not selling anything with all the stores closed, I figured I could try to put together a fun children’s book.


One thing is that I’m using up a lot of scraps.  The best way to do it, especially if you don’t want to THINK too hard, and we all need some relaxing non stress things to do, is make some mushrooms.


take a ball of wool and sort of shape it around the spool, and needle it! 


I don’t know why I have a big container of old wooden spools, but I finally figured out how to use them.  The mushrooms might be a bit off kilter as I haven’t glued them down. You can felt them into place, but glue is also useful.


They fit in well with the gnomes and also with Mrs.Wool, who will be appearing in the book.


So, want something for a beginner or super easy?  Have some old wooden spools?  Why not?  They are also based on the pin holder I made in Girl Scouts.  We used fabric and stuffing, but they do make a fun pin holder also!  Throw on some worms or bugs and it is even more fun!


Spots or not, it’s up to you.  Mixing two colors together makes a nice mushroom also!

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