To while away yet another afternoon! CATS!

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July 10, 2020 by kittynh

I’m working slowly on a bigger “while we’re stuck inside” project.  That will have to await another post, as it is being slowly (ever so slowly) worked upon.  EXPECT MANY SURPRISES! (it’s a fun one!)


Meanwhile to fill in time on days when I’m most “down” I’m making and sending cards to people.

Lots of people.

I admire those that have the tools and such to make incredible professional prize winning level cards.  I don’t make those.


This one is a reminder not to sleep in late and always feed the cat….

Once again I’m doing what I love to do, cutting out cats and then gluing them into other scenes.


I get my cats from those big CAT books.  Books about the different types of cats and cat care and cat lore and CAT anything.  Most used book stores will have several.  You won’t pay a lot and a big book has a lot of cats.


it’s not always cats…

So, while I’m working slowly on my BIG PROJECT, enjoy and be inspired to SEND A CARD TO A FRIEND!  Just go through your address book, and start sending cards.  I actually live for the mail now, and the family record was eight packages in ONE DAY.


My husband is working on his big project his, new train layout for the basement, and I’m working on mine.  So, eBay is seeing. a lot of orders!



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