This is like a war, where we can control the number of casualties.

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April 2, 2020 by kittynh

“Watch, you’ll be the first person to catch the virus through the internet!” my husband jokes.

I smile, because he’s going to be making a lot of jokes with me over the next weeks or even months.


A new kind of war, for a military family.

I’m “high risk”.  High risk enough that my adult daughters call to ensure dad is making me follow the rules!

My risk is that I am on medications that lower my immune system.

These are powerful drugs. People young and old are on these drugs for all sorts of immunity disorders.  As my rheumatologist told me “Your body is trying to kill you.”


Our pet cats are really enjoying our company!

So, in this crisis for people “at risk”, how do I keep safe?

Well I depend on other people.  So does everyone else on immune suppression drugs.


Social distancing does not involve anything SOCIAL! 

My husband, a very healthy man, has to live like he has a chronic illness.  By that I mean he takes extra precautions.  Even before it was recommended, he was extra careful about what we both touched. Leaving the house for a short walk requires finding places where no one else is walking.

One example would be grocery shopping and how I depend on him to keep us both healthy and safe.

Grocery shopping:

  1. Go when the crowds are lowest.  Thank cashier for working.
  2. Drive home in car only he uses. One car is him traveling to pick up necessities. I never go in it.
  3. Park car in garage, leave non perishables in car for a few days.
  4. Put perishables in cooler, leave in garage.
  5. To to bathroom near garage door that I am not allowed to use.
  6. Put clothing and washable face mask into hamper
  7. Take shower.
  8. Change into new clothing waiting in plastic bag.
  9. Wipe everything, especially door handles.
  10. Get groceries in cooler, wipe down and put away.
  11. Tell me it is safe to come out!


Everything requires a few extra steps and a lot more laundry.


Stay safe! 


I want to say to my HUSBAND and others THANK YOU.  Self distancing means job furlough or job loss for many.  It means school is out, and parents are teachers. This means many industries may never recover, especially small businesses. At times being “high risk” can feel uncomfortable. But then with this virus, the world is at high risk.

People are staying at home, adopting an entirely new way of life, to save human life.  It is like a war, but a war where we can control the number of casualties.

That the world has chosen life over life style, gives me hope. 


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