You have MAIL, in the MAILBOX!


March 31, 2020 by kittynh

Some of you may know I like to do junk journals.  Just using what’s on hand, or what is very inexpensive, to make journals.

I sometimes make them for friends, based on their personality and life and dreams.


But this virus lockdown has had me stumped. I’m a creative person, but right now my brain is working overtime, filled with worries about my two adult children. Worries about being high risk, and worries about friends and family near and far I can’t visit.


In other words I have creator block, much like writer block. You want to do something but when you start it comes out awful. Any creative venture is as much mental as physical. My mental part was too busy to deal with ANYTHING.


So I decided to make cards for my friends and family that are on “lock down”.

They were awful.  Not at all up to my ability or standards.  I felt very disappointed in myself.  However, the one thing that perks up my day is getting mail.  Even these beginner level cards, would be something to send.


And then I was “Why not just make some funny?” Why do they have to be skillful if they are just funny? Or just have a nice quote?


So I am making cards.  I’m not caring about the results.  I am using my endless stash of library cards and pockets for the message on the back.  Much to the confusion of younger friends who have no clue about them.


If your brain is too filled with “what if” and “How is my mom doing?” relax.  That’s normal.  If you feel I am not filling this free time with ANYTHING productive, know that just staying inside is ENOUGH.  It’s all that is being asked of us.  We don’t have to paint a room, clean the basement, make fabulous art or write that book.


We don’t have to do anything but keep other people and ourselves safe.

If you do that by “wasting” time, you are still a hero.


Meanwhile why not send a card to a friend?  You can make it anyway you like or you can just write a letter.  Or print it out!


Here’s a hint, how about writing a letter to your doctor or doctors? And their staff! Thank them in WRITING for all they are doing.  I’ve done that and that was not wasting my time!



2 thoughts on “You have MAIL, in the MAILBOX!

  1. M-A Green says:

    We love ours! I was thinking at first, that if our names weren’t written on the top, we could send it on to others and they could write their name (&address?) on the library cards and send it on, with the last person sending it back to the original sender. What do you think?

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