GLUE NEXT YEAR NOW! Holiday Gift Making Time for 2020!


December 24, 2019 by kittynh

I admit I did not attempt to make these holiday collage whatever (centerpiece? Desk top decor?) until I saw signs everywhere last week that said “ALL HOLIDAY ITEMS 75% OFF”


HELLO! I’m a thrifter and a seller on ETSY and 75% off was fabulous!


I then remembered a fellow thrifter on Facebook had shown us her beautiful holiday decorations made from all thrifted materials.


I loved them, but, I’d never attempted to even arrange flowers.  Could I do this?


Don’t forget the back!!!

I was assured by one lovely FB friend that all you have to remember is THREE LEVELS and a FOCAL POINT.


That means, tall stuff in the back and short stuff in the front.


Still I was intimidated with my first bag of thrifted everything (all for under $10).

I picked up a container.  Then I picked a focal point, the snowman.


Then I put in the little birdhouse.




My husband, an honest critic, was “Wow, I really like that.”


I went back for lots more 75% off items.  The Dollar Store had foam.


So, you purchase foam or some base.  They were out of picks, so I used GLUE.

Lots and LOTS of tacky glue.

Glue it all in place. Add more glue.


Then it got addictive.

One, pick container.

Two, pick what will go in it. Perhaps have a theme or just colors that go with the container (one I messed up on the color thing).


I have to admit where I thrift most ornaments are only 50 cents.  Period.  No matter what they are.  But 75% off 50 cents, and that’s a lot of stuff to stuff in containers.

Containers 75% off was also a great deal.

The one is an “occupied Japan” gravy boat.  It wasn’t on sale.  It was all of $3, and I love it.


Since I have a lot of 75% off stuff, and I did purchase more glue, I’m going to start experimenting with more non holiday containers. It’s sad these vintage pieces of china and such are headed for the landfill.  So I will fill some with little ornaments and even vintage plastic ivy.  I am going for a vintage look.


What was from grandmother’s attic, is getting a new life.  I don’t need to go purchase new things from Michaels. But I will admit they had some miniature ornaments on sale for 75% off so I bought some for filler.


Don’t forget the back, and yes plastic is fine if it is vintage!

Also glue.  Let’s admit you don’t walk into Michaels and such buy glue. It’s at the back and you’ll find something else to purchase also.


SO START NOW!  Get the holiday crafting out of the way and relax next year!


I plan to donate these to my usual charity, the Historic Society of Cheshire County.  And I hope some friends and relatives want one.  I am having such fun, this may go on until Groundhog’s Day.


5 thoughts on “GLUE NEXT YEAR NOW! Holiday Gift Making Time for 2020!

  1. sgerbic says:

    Oh they are adorable Kitty. They remind me of succulents which I got into a few years ago. You can stuff them in anything and you find yourself picking up things to stuff them in, then you get home and realize you need more succulents to stuff in the cups/bowls/whatever and it is a endless cycle of getting more succulents and finding more vessels for the succulents, it is addictive.

    Have a great holiday – but don’t glue your fingers together!

    • kittynh says:

      oh I have the succulent thing also…. I kept finding vintage tea cups with a small chip which means they are worth NOTHING to the thrifter to sell… and I was “well heck these are in the free bin.” So my kitchen is full of them and the cats don’t seem to like them. Part of me is “This is a Limoges!” and, succulents are hard to kill.

  2. Bonnie says:

    Use a hot glue gun – it will be your new best friend!!!

  3. Bonnie says:

    I have been gathering items to use at the after Christmas sales!! I got some ornaments, a couple figurines, some greens – I really want to do this!!!

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