Easy and Fast Holiday Gift tags for selling or yourself!

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October 10, 2019 by kittynh

Every year I enjoy making crafts and items for sale.  This year it’s especially important as the Historical Society of Cheshire County is opening their new museum shop store!


Now, I love to make things, such as gnomes, gnomes and more gnomes, but I also like something quick and easy that will earn a dollar or two.  Since I donate all my items, I also like to make something that doesn’t cost a lot, but can bring in money!

Last year for fun I used some of my library cards and pockets for holiday tags.  People really seemed to like them.  I had just ordered a whole lot more (over 100) when I thought, why not try to make them look a little fancier?


Please note I use these library cards and pouches in my junk journaling and in cards.  I had just for fun used them as gift tags.

I only had LARGE stamps.  I like the result but, it was hard lining it up.


So I went to the thrift store and bought some holiday and other stamps for about 50 cents each.  The results were much easier to achieve and I didn’t stop at just holiday tags.

If you sell at craft fairs, or just want a fun way to make your holiday packages more fun, you can find LOTS of library and pocket combinations on Amazon.  I won’t even pick out one, I bought a set of color ones and 100 just plain white ones.  The color ones do not come with a peel off sticky backing.  The color ones come with double sided tape you can apply yourself, or just leave that up to the person that purchases the item.


A short post but, I know many of my readers can do far better than I did.

I hope these sell for perhaps $1 each?  Maybe 2 for $1?  I may sell them in packs?  Whatever all the profit goes to the Historical Society.  If. you need a craft fair item in a hurry, I’m thinking these would be a good seller.

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