This thrifting blog is X rated.


July 26, 2019 by kittynh

WARNING!!  Sometimes when picking, even at the most wonderful and friendly Salvation Army, something X RATED can be found.

Thankfully I was THERE TO PURCHASE IT, so that no one else would be subjected to this pornography.  I am not reporting the lovely women that work at the Salvation Army, they claim they thought it was just a historical piece and perhaps a historian or Greek museum owner would walk in and purchase it.  Remember, it is DATED BC which means it is REALLY REALLY OLD.


So, do I sell a lot on ETSY at my shop? Sadly no, even with free shipping and all the newest controversies.  I won’t go into that.  For me my elusive goal of purchasing a painting by an artist I like creeps slowly towards my purchasing one in the future.


However, one problem I have been told about my ETSY store is that I am too, eclectic.  It’s a little bit of everything.  That’s because for me, I tend to purchase interesting or just odd items.  It’s not to feed my family, it’s to save up for a work of art.  Also, sometimes I just buy something on a whim to see if it actually will sell.  The answer is often, “Nope won’t sell”.

So what is a typical thrift shop day like? You can visit the Crazy Lamp Lady on Youtube and she’s hilarious and fun.  My day is almost always good, I’ll find something, and also, you get to know the people that work at the thrift shop.

But, here is a typical one visit day.


Fairy lamps, for me it’s not how much they worth money wise, it’s what they DO! Magic.

First off, NO FAIRY LAMPS.  If anyone out here enjoys my blog or wants to make me happy, send me a fairy lamp.  In my opinion there are no bad fairy lamps, and I can’t find them anymore as everyone agrees with me they are wonderful.

I would like to also say that what is “big” now are those glorious embroidery pictures done by our moms and ones like I used to do.  Even those beautiful quilts are selling as sadly low prices.  I will purchase small size ones that I can easily mail.  Also, big are vintage kits to make these items, and canvases for needlepoint.

I was really happy to find this needlepoint canvas.  I love squirrels.  Who doesn’t?  You would purchase these and fill in the background.  I am going to have to learn to do this, as I want a squirrel pillow or to frame this.  But, I found SIX OF THEM.  So, I hope to sell some and also make a few.  Or beg someone to make them for me.  (50 cent each).


Then there was the old camera.  I have no clue if it was worth the $5.  If it doesn’t sell, I’ll just put it up with my vintage hats and it will look nice.  I could go as a reporter to a Halloween party? WHO KNOWS?


Next, I bought some PYREX because you are supposed to buy it.  The problem is, I don’t ship big glass items.  I don’t.  Sometimes I get caught up in the hype.  So for $4, I think I’ll just use it.  I like the snowflakes.

I admit I rarely use my phone to google items.  I go by “Do I like it?”  If I don’t, I won’t buy it.  If I do, and it’s cheap enough, why not? But this coffee canister seemed an easy pass.  The words COFFEE look so new.  But then I was “Wait, why does the rest of this look so old?”  Also it did not say “Made in China”.  So I did google and it was worth the $2.  Will I sell it, eh, it’s the old shipping issue.  BUT, it’s nice looking and I may actually put coffee in it.  (probably tea bags).

This plate is so pretty.  It appears to me to be from the Franklin Mint, you can see Ben there.  But most of this is in another language.  There is little English.  For $2, it’s pretty enough I can put it up in my own home, serve cookies from it, give it to someone for Christmas or perhaps list it.  I’ve no clue what to list many items, so this may just be a lovely gift.

Let’s talk about, the Lucky Pig.  I know, I said no big glass items.  But he is so cute.  He has crazing, those little cracks from age, and was made in WEST GERMANY.  So he’s old.  No clue where the key is, but for a few dollars, I hope someone would give me a few more toward my savings account for a painting.  If not, he’s a delight.


And of course, there is PORNOGRAPHY.  Just sitting there is a heap of other souvenirs from a trip to Greece.  One good thing about where I live is that people tended to travel.  They brought home delightful things that I hope evoked happy memories of travels in the past.  I was tempted to purchase them as they are so small, but I wasn’t sure who would really want such small souvenirs.  I was just looking again and it hit me.


Wow, this is a museum piece.  I have to admit that for me, finding cool things for my home and friends and family is a big part of why I enjoy doing this.  But finding things like THIS also makes for a lovely day.

I have no clue as I’m not even sure ETSY will allow me to list him.  Well, his you know what.  But the best part is that everyone laughs when they SEE IT.  The small size of the pottery makes the large size of his…thing… even better!

Also my shop where none of this is listed, as I’m going to enjoy the weekend and just relax.  (this is why I’ll never save up enough for that painting!).

2 thoughts on “This thrifting blog is X rated.

  1. sgerbic says:

    Oh that was hilarious! Plate Porn

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