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June 30, 2019 by kittynh

I’m going to link an article to the Walldogs, who are fabulous muralists, much in the style of Barry Faulkner.


Short story is a group of talented muralists come to town.  The planning has been going on for a LONG TIME.  The basic idea is that they paint murals all over that depict important parts of the history of the town.  Part of the planning is deciding just what and who gets a mural!  In an older town like Keene, there is a lot of history.


Volunteers help paint, everyone came to town to watch, and the end result is a walking history tour of the town.


The Historical Society of Cheshire County.  is where you want to start.  There will be walking tours with a guide.  I highly suggest this as many of the murals have little hidden bits you might not catch on your own.  But you can also right now pick up a map at the Historical Society and self tour.


You walk through the center of town, and try to resist the lovely shops and places to eat. (Don’t resist, Keene has a spectacular thriving downtown area). Each wall painting/ mural has a different designer behind it.  These murals each have the “feeling” of the artist behind the design.


It’s well worth a trip to Keene, and the Historic Society of Cheshire County, to enjoy this outdoor art/history museum.







THANK YOU -Katharine Haehnel Schillemat for the use of your photographs, which are so much better than mine!  If you visit the HSCC, you’ll see her smile greeting everyone!


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