The Children’s Rooms, Kipling Home

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December 1, 2018 by kittynh

When you borrow Naulakha for a bit of time travel, one thing you have to do is pick out which bedroom you will be sleeping in.

You’ll probably pick one of the three bedrooms with the magnificent view of the Vermont mountains.


The one bedroom that has a doorway onto the balcony deck, but not a direct view of the countryside, was the children’s nursery.  The Kiplings two daughters slept in this. bedroom.


The adjacent room, is a fabulous place to curl up with a book and also take a lot of breaks from reading to look at THAT VIEW.  This was the playroom and classroom area for the young children.


One problem is that Rudyard Kipling in designing his Vermont home, placed the children’s rooms above his study where he wrote.  Any parent will tell you that little children can sound like baby elephants if you are trying to concentrate.  Kipling solved the problem by stuffing seaweed in the ceiling as a sound barrier.


I can only assume it worked as Kipling kept writing, despite the children overhead.

The nice thing about LIVING in Kiplings home, rather than just touring, is you notice little things.


My favorite was this bit of plasterwork saved in the playroom.  It’s so beautiful.



I don’t know if the framed print of the little girl dressing up her cat is original, but it is delightful.  The poor cat has a sock on his head and knows that he has to take it.  He’s the family cat, and amusing the children is part of his job.


This is a very lovely bedroom, and while not having THE VIEW, it has the extra room and the second floor deck.

So, to honor the child in my life, my grandson Caspian, I decided to read some of the “Just So” stories in the Kipling house.  I wear a top in hat some of the videos, as it just seemed like the thing to do.  Children from all over the Brattleboro area are fortunate enough to come to the Kipling home with their school, and listen to “Just So” stories.

Then they go back to their classrooms and write their own!

I decided to stay with Kiplings stories!

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