The Paranormal Naulakha…

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November 28, 2018 by kittynh

Our lovely stay at Naulakha had friends of a certain, gullibility, saying “Aren’t you afraid of ghosts?”

I am of the opinion that seeing a REAL ghost, would be very interesting.

I’m not talking a little bit of a hint of a ghost.  It would have to be Hollywood or Shakespeare’s finest.  We’d have a long conversation without having to pay a “psychic” a penny.


You want ORBS, invite me and my camera over.

As suggested I did visit what seemed to be what would likely be the most scary part of the house, the attic, and took some fabulous photographs of ORBS.  It appears the attic is not haunted, but dusty.  Also my digital camera is really good at photographing ORBS (as are many digital cameras, ORBS don’t do so well on high priced professional level cameras).

(Please note, I’ve never had a better nights sleep than at Naulakha, it is so quiet at night.  You do hear the train at one point, but that is it. The attic and basement were also the most popular places to explore so ,if there are ghosts, they were happily resting while we were there.)


also odd there are no ORBS when I face this direction….but yes mysterious doors!

Then we found a MYSTERIOUS FILM behind a door!

What could this film be, perhaps missing footage of when the Kipling family lived in the home?  Would history be made by the discovery of the film?

You must be the judge.  Also with CHAMPY, Vermont I introduce you to your newest MONSTER! “The Monster from Naulakha”!



Remember… “The Female of the Species is More Deadly than the Male” R.Kipling


No claws in the house… taking tea in Kipling’s study where the “Jungle Book” was written

*Also big THNK YOU to Claus Larsen, who helped bring this mysterious film back to watchable condition.  Without his dedication, this might just have been some random silly color movie clips…..

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