Naulakha in the Summer…

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July 3, 2018 by kittynh



A cool walk to secret places

Rudyard Kiplings Vermont home, Naulakha, is beautiful year round.



Tennis with a view

It’s a perfect example of someone that was one of the most famous men of his day, building the house he wanted, not a house for showing off his wealth.


Sad clock, but happy home

I love it as it feels like a home, and you can picture the family actually interacting with each other and being a family.


The entire property is wonderful


Those that remember the days of McMansions will possibly know people that complained they rarely saw their family as their home was simply too large.


confused moment when I realized I had no clue how to flush…


This was not a problem at the Kipling home as the study, where some of the most famous books ever were composed, was below the nursery.  Kipling solved the problem by putting dried seaweed in the ceiling space and it seems to have worked.


The pitter patter of little feet was a problem, but the author found a solution.

The Landmark Trust USA has a lovely Spring tour of the house and grounds.  You can just sit and enjoy the view, tour the other home available for rent, and discover the old pool and what appears to be an ancient ruin.


Not sure WHAT it is, but it’s lovely to visit

I think it’s a new “old” ruin.  However, the trail to the ruin is a delight as it passes through giant overgrown bushes.


Naulakha is not a home you just “drop in” to visit.  But, if you get on the National Trust email list you can find opportunities to visit.  Also the second rental, the old carriage house, is a slightly cheaper rental opportunity.


water to fill the pool came from down the mountain.  It must have been COLD in the Spring.

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