Neko Atsume in Real Life

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April 7, 2018 by kittynh

My friend Ellie and I are probably the only people that still play Neko Astume.


I like it as it is a 5 minute game.  It’s for waiting in the car while your husband runs into the pharmacy.  Or you are waiting at the doctors office, you can put it down in a hurry.


When I saw this cat bed it reminded me of Pepper, my favorite Neko Atsume cat!  I had to have it for my own two cats Lille and Moxie.


Moxie is a street cat, who has always had fragile health.  She was pronounced “near death” almost a year ago and just keeps going and going.


She is also on steroids.

STEROIDS that obviously work as she is still here but in a more, evolved, and mean, form.

We love her anyway, and she loves the new cat bed.

Lille doesn’t like the new cat bed, but didn’t want Moxie to have it.  Lille is still in the early teenager phase, so she looks for any opportunity to bother her sister.


Still they are sisters.  Moxie warns off the clipped feral cat, a mangy orange male, who comes around to serenade Lille.  Lille is a bit heartbroken as he is her first suitor.

So Lille took a little revenge, though Moxie won the fight for the new cat bed.

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