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April 4, 2018 by kittynh


a wonderful ad with the newlywed couple, the music is called “Kitten on the Keys” (which is a real song).  My own cat, Moxie, a street rescue, looks beautiful on the first page.

I have found that the dollar store has really nice books for junk journaling.


Cover, small book, with a cute illustrations of a young lion tamer, and some washi tape.  I am really into washi tape in this journal.

I really did not feel badly that I was taking the guts out of a serial novel about witch vampires, that did not sell well for obvious reasons when I tried to read it.  What I LIKED about this book is that it was small, but also hard cover.  I don’t always want to have BIG journals, I like to have small ones also.


So first “Art is Better with a Cat” photo.  Marat is surprised that his real killer is a giant royal cat.

So this small book was just CATS.


This queen looks way better with a cat head.  The cat pillar is from Paris.  There was once a chocolate shop named “Chat” (cat) chocolates.  Or something about chocolate….but if you don’t look UP in Paris you’ll miss this incredible building.

It’s also just more than cats.


These young women, needed a cat with dark hair to match their hair.

I designed a class for art teachers, the title is “Cats Make Everything Better”.


The nickname for this painting is “Four Dots in a Box”.  One dot is missing… but the equally famous vases (only one here) appear to have CATS.

It’s a way to sneak in some art history in a fun way.


This Scottish fold is heavenly.

All you need is an old book of cat varieties, and an old book of “Famous Paintings”.


So one page features a childhood cat, Crystal.  She belonged to a real hippy commune, and when it broke up I don’t know how our family ended up with her.  She was wonderful and wise, and came to us pregnant!  So we kept one of the kittens and the others found a good home.  My FAVORITE ART AND CAT picture is the one featuring the cat and Parisian woman having a chat.  Many people have thought this was the original, as the cat appears to fit right in with the painting (if rather a LARGE cat!)  I’d like to be sitting at that table!

Glue and scissors (forget photoshop) and you end up with cats making ANY painting better.  It’s nice if  you ask the students WHY that cat with THAT painting.  The answers will surprise you as students actually have an answer to that question.


The paw is the only thing added.  It’s rather fun to change a painting from 1659.  You also know Kipling was a historic past neighbor, so I had to include him.

Scans of these cats and paintings just lived on my computer.  I thought, “Why not print them out and put them in a journal?” But, even a small journal is too big for the cat paintings I have saved.  So I made it “Cat Journal”.


The cat seems as thrilled to be on the farm as the father and daughter. Also the review for “Pussy Cat Town” from an old English newspaper cracked me up.  It’s just a cute children’s story.

It was a lot of fun, and luckily there are a lot of cat images out there.


I love Duchamp.  I can explain him well enough that you would like him also.  But here a cat is added as “It likes the dangling things.”  I think every page has washi tape also!

My friend ,Crazy Rebecca, is trying to do a moon themed journal, and right now moon images seem sadly lacking.   I’m constantly on the look out for her, but, cats are always easy to find, moons not so much.


This is my favorite quote.  As my cats are the soul of my home.  Lazarus is also happy to have a cat come back to life with him, I hope this was not her 9th life!

So I hope you enjoy the photographs.  I have several large journals where I can just do whatever I feel like doing, but some have themes.  This was fun as I finally have my cats and art images PRINTED and not just on the cloud.


Let’s not forget Picasso.  Yes I can explain this painting also.  But this cat with a bit of exaggeration in this cat makes him/her fit in with the Picasso.  The cat, doing what cats do, this statue is in the courtyard of the Cluny Museum in Paris.  Once again, look up.  Cats have been doing this FOREVER it seems, and I’m glad someone had a sense of humor sculpting this.

Just a few more journal pages…


A beautiful cat, with Venus.  Why not?

….and a few more….


The back cover is me with my FIRST kitten Boots.  I don’t think I’ve never lived without a cat (or for too long, a little bit during college, but it’s not a home without a cat).


These nuns enjoy prayers with their very blessed cat.


A very young looking Cinderella (and cat) and a wonderful old illustration of a young woman with a magic hat, meeting three beautiful kittens. Of course Puss in Boots makes an appearance.



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