“The Little Engine that Couldn’t”

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January 23, 2018 by kittynh

What happens when a train just CAN NOT make it over the mountain?


The Happiest of Engineers!

My new book, “The Little Engine that Couldn’t” is now available on Amazon, and at the Historical Society of Cheshire County.

Those that know my writing, know I only write a book when I can’t find that anyone else has written a book on a subject I’d like to read about!

I was denied entry to the high school Physics class when I was in High School, as my science and math grades were just B’s, and I was told I would possibly be taking a seat from a MALE who would need Physics in his future career.  It wasn’t my grades, so much as a MALE with only fair grades deserved that seat more than I did.

Later in life, I discovered many books about Physics for adults that didn’t have the chance to take Physics.  I found it fascinating.  While there are books about Physics for small children, I decided to write one for very young children.


Yes there are talking animals.  That’s the “Not quite true” part of the book!  The rest of it is true!

I also decided to include a true story from my new hometown, Keene New Hampshire.

As always with my books, the money earned goes to a non profit.  In this case the Cheshire County Historical Society.  They played a huge part in this book as it is based on a true story I read about at the Historical Society.

Also I have the great honor of being allowed to use photographs from the Marium Foster collection at the Historical Society, and after much careful consideration, I was allowed to colorize them.  Colorizing historic photographs is very controversial, but since this was a book for children, I was allowed to use the process.

My dear friend Carol Everhart Roper oversaw the colorization process.  The results are  delightful, and bring a real charm to the story.  I’m only sharing ONE with the blog readers as permission to use these photographs much be obtained from the HSCC.

I just couldn’t resist the engineer!


It’s hard work to keep a train running! But what happens when it won’t stop running? Physics is what happens!

I hope that my friends here will consider purchasing the book.  It’s a good kick off point for  talking to young children, both MALE and FEMALE, about physics.

I also have to thank my husband for the Physics help and the train education.  Also Ellie Luchinsky for help with the editing.  Above all thanks to the HSCC that allows me to help with their terrific programs.  They preserve history, not just saving the old, but collecting the new which in the future will delight citizens of Keene.

Also, they bring the citizens of Cheshire County together, with wonderful and diverse programs.  There is nothing dry and dusty about this Historical Society!

So consider helping a good cause, and encouraging me to write MORE books!  Plus, find out what happened to the little engine that couldn’t!

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