Driving along and granite houses happen

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August 6, 2017 by kittynh

Living in New Hampshire, I see a lot of granite houses.  While not very common, they are quite beautiful.  Gray edifices that appear able to withstand anything; a granite house is a miniature castle.


please note the original glass in the door. These were cut down from a large circle that was blown.  That’s why the center is thick and round.

The majority of homes are made from wood, as that’s what you see around you in New England. Wood. New homes with a facing of brick are popular. Homes made of real brick and real stone, not just a facing cover, are rare and old.

It was a total delight to be driving to Baltimore Vermont, with my friend Ellie from Baltimore Maryland, and come across a whole village of granite stone houses.

There is a church. A Universalist church.

There is a school house, that I am sure is now a private residence.  There is an old school desk out front to remind viewers of the previous use.


There are beautiful homes, with their year of build noted.  The homes were not all built at the same time.  There is a variance of about 10 years between many of them.  Most appear to have been farms.



Ellie and I decided to purchase at least one as there are two for sale.  Of course, what we would do in the wilds of Vermont we had not decided.  I expect we’ll just drive by for another visit.


we aren’t sure why the front door is steps DOWN.  Also the windows are quite low.

But the unexpectedness of a granite village is typical of the joy of “just driving around.”


FOR SALE ALSO! sadly a busy road but great for a business!


We also found Baltomore Vermont.


Still looking for the museum!

When we stopped to take a photograph a concerned local asked if we were “alright”.  Not many tourists, no make that not many people, come to Baltimore Vermont unless they live there.  We never did find the museum.

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