Why protest when the election is over?


February 4, 2017 by kittynh

My friend Mark Roberts once again has shared some of his views from New York City.

Protests, I had to answer the question of a librarian who works at Keene New Hampshire public library about “Why protest now that he’s elected?”

16265216_1347428558654772_8324502715588268262_n.jpgAlso I would like to remind this librarian that when you preface your comment with “I hope this won’t sound insulting, BUT…” what follows is always insulting.

However, I hope these photographs will help show WHY a protest.


The faces seen here are the faces of his fellow American citizens.  They are being very clear that their voices will be heard all the time, not just during election time.  If these signs resonate with him at all, he should join them. If they don’t, he should contact Trump and the Republicans and explain his views.  Or just write a sign of his own and join a march! BUT… denying the rights of others to march as “sore losers” is very un-American.


When Hitler won, or when McCarthy reigned in the US, those that spoke out then are remembered as heroes today.  So how will history judge us? That’s what these marches are all about.


There is a sense that “I’m not the only one feeling this way.”
There is a sense of “We can help keep bad things from happening as we live in a Democracy”


There is a sense of “This is about the issues, not just about Trump.”


It also can show the diversity of the people that are united in helping to keep our Democracy open and free.  One of the leaders and organizers of the New York City march is a Muslim woman.  When they walk side by side with other women, and those that support women, there is a sense that “I have your back.”


It’s not “too late”.  Indeed, Democracy doesn’t happen just every 4 years, and tough luck to the losers.  The Republicans showed their ability to protest against President Obama.  This is part of what makes us strong, the right to gather as a group and express our opinions in a peaceful manner.  Take that away, and say “Democracy just happens in the voting booth” and we lose the involvement that keeps us all safe.


Thank you Mark for allowing me to share you wonderful photographs.  This is indeed Democracy at its finest.

One thought on “Why protest when the election is over?

  1. Woody says:

    Indeed, what a strange turn of events. As an Aussie who occasionally catches some American News and owns a television, which pretty-much makes one accustomed to relatively modern affairs in the United States of Entertainment, I couldn’t help but notice both sides of the political horizon in USA using so much of the same shit that they always do, like politicians in my own and probably every country.
    The right, which has its serious faults, is commonly assaulted immaturely and without convincing base by their opposition.
    The left, which has its own serious faults, is commonly assaulted immaturely and without convincing base by their opposition.
    The electoral college is something which, until recently, was new to me … was it new to Hillary?
    Accusations of fake news, lies, misinterpretations, bias and logical fallacies are rampant on both sides. I have come to believe that both may add something to the discussion, but without both, only one set of political ideals can be best served.
    How can a rational, evidence-based skeptical mind properly assess this fucking quagmire of political shit with heroes and villains numerous on both sides of the debate.
    I use ‘left’ and ‘right’ here because in my own fucked-up country (perhaps as fucked-up as yours), the more ‘liberal’ party is called the Australian Labor Party. While the more conservative party is called the Liberal Party. This was confusing for a while but i’ve found my way by simply using left versus right.
    Advances in our civilization, human rights, gun control, health services available to the public, crime rates and so on and so forth, we have sat and listened to Americans swearing that their country is the greatest, most free nation in the world.
    See the things that assault our minds as we try to enter the subject of American politics from this foreign viewpoint?

    Thanks for reading my rather inconclusive comment.

    All the best,

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