Andre Weighs in on Martin Luther King Day

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January 15, 2017 by kittynh

You understand it’s interesting to me living in 2017 and with the day of an assassinated civil rights leader & icon being tomorrow, people treat it like it’s just a day off from work…a paid holiday, or don’t even realize tomorrow is a federal holiday signed off officially by Reagan.


Black males, this is a health crisis in the US. 

And the shit that comes up from other groups all the time are messages of “unity” and togetherness. But I don’t think this is realistic…

I don’t think it ever was realistic.

They tell me Mr Black Man it’s not just about you, there’s women’s issues, gay issues, trans issues, disabled people’s issues etc etc and down on the list. And they just want my voice, and to lend my time, and to speak for them as they allegedly speak for me…and I think that’s bullshit because they don’t and more importantly they can’t.

See unification of forces is fine, until we all have different needs and desires and what is needed to level a playing field. And when those things needed are to take one group so another group can be even, coalitions eventually don’t work.


You see because I’m a Black Man, when I walk out my door. That’ the first thing you notice. It’s what most obvious. And with that comes certain social disadvantages and levels of degradation I have to contend with your private sexual life does not have to contend with, less people find out. See I can’t hide my Blackness, like one may hide or keep on the low their sexuality..this is just a brute fact. And true enough I don’t have to contend with sexual harassment a Black Woman has to deal with, just by additionally being a woman. But she’s also not seen as the same threat level. Ohh they’ll stomp the shit out of her, try to rape her, put her down, call her ugly…all these horrible things. Yet they will spare her more often, why? Cause she still has a uterus. She still has a vagina, she has some value….if not childbearing than sexual. Simply.

But me, I’m a man. Men biologically are a dime a dozen. I am expendable. And I am quicker to be killed, lynched, and hanged or imprisoned vs she… comparison. She might be seen as angry with a fucked up attitude and frigid, but I pose the threat and must be deal with much more harshly.


just one of many depressing statistics

So I don’t concern myself with the experiences of so many other groups. Because I can’t. I am #1 on that threat list, my life is more in danger for merely existing. Because you don’t need many men, but one does always need every woman they can get.

I’m not angry with other groups, not at all, but the reality in which I occupy I cannot afford to get caught in bringing about your salvation when my own life is in daily peril. I can’t hide, I cannot mask what I am, I have no functional use like a woman….I am out in the open every time I walk out the door. So for me to take time and be as concerned with your battles is foolhardy on my behalf, I’ve got a shorter shelf life, which means I have less time to free myself, to free my brothers.

That is the burden of Blackness and Maleness combined into America…’ve always less time on that exam.


Thank you again Andre. 

Another wonderful FB post from my friend Andre that I am honored to share with my readers.  His voice, deserves to be heard on this holiday. It’s not just another day off work.

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