A Candle in the Dark, for these Dark Times


November 13, 2016 by kittynh

Now is a time for symbols that have a practical meaning.  After the election of Donald Trump, my first fear was for those most at risk. I’ll be fine.  I am old.  My children are grown.  I have enough money for retirement. I’m going to be fine.

But what about those that may not be fine?  A Candle in the Dark is needed now.


Sadly, what happens when Trump can’t deliver on the job promises?  He will deliver on the promises he can keep.  Those about minorities, immigrants, Muslims, Atheists and women.  Safe abortion is now a given as being gone.  Pence supports arresting women for murder when the return to the United States if they have had an abortion in Mexico or Canada.  Birth control, you’ll need your husband’s permission.  Those are promises they can keep.  Jobs?  That’s not going to happen easily or quickly, not matter how good their intentions.

Now is the time for even the Trump voter to show minorities and women and those most in danger, they stand by them.  Too many Trump supporters are “It was about jobs, not gays.”  in interviews. I would respond “Wait you voted for a man you hope is a liar?” But the time is past for that. Make sure Trump gets the message, it’s about JOBS, not people losing their hard earned equality.  Please.

Show those that are indeed in most danger, that while soon the United States may not be safe for them, your home and your family are a “safe zone.”  Please put a single candle in your window.  A “Candle in the Dark”.

Also know, if you join the Facebook group, “Candle in the Dark”, that it is  possible, given his way, Trump and his supporters could get access to your name.  I hope not, but then again, I will never start a sentence with “That won’t happen…”

I heard so many say “That won’t happen..” about Trump winning.

Why is this needed?


safe flameless candles are nice. Flashlights you can recharge that are also night lights are also a good choice.  Real candles only if safe please.


This is needed because one doctor I spoke to told me her son hasn’t been back to school since the election as groups of students are pushing him in the hallways between classes and calling him names. He’s openly gay.  A teacher watched and did nothing.  A teacher he had trusted.  When he complained the teacher said he did not intervene as he felt unsafe taking on young men much stronger than himself.  He told her son, “I have children and a family, I don’t need to end up in the hospital because you can’t take it.”

Her son felt abandoned and alone.

She said she’s not even working with the school on this because what could the teacher do?  Would she want the teacher to be hurt or killed by these bullies that feel a Trump election is a mandate to do whatever they wish? No. She understood his reluctance to get involved.


There is a danger in lighting a candle or showing support.  This Danish citizen is wearing an RAF cap to show her support for those fighting the Nazis.  Even a symbol can be considered a danger. Denmark saved more Jews than any other nation in WWII.  We need to learn from them.


I felt scared when Trump won the election.  I had to do something.  I put a candle in the window of my home. For four years, and I’m good at this commitment thing, it will show brightly to be a sign.  A sign that my house, my family, we are a safe place for those that are in danger.  If you need us, knock.  We will answer.

My neighbor across the street is an immigrant.  She has an accent.  She works here on a Visa.  She pays taxes and keeps her home beautiful.  She is raising her child here, he was born here.  She is afraid now.

When she looked up at my candle in the dark glowing, she came over and asked “That is for Carl Sagan right?  It is his birthday!”  I told her “It is inspired by Sagan, but it is for you.”  She hugged me.

If you want to join, please do.  Just one candle, a candle in the dark, makes a difference.  My neighbor got it.  I hope other people “get it”. That this candle is for them.

Knock, you will be welcomed.


Just a symbol?  Or more?  It also represents HOPE.  


I also applaud the safety pin support that is sweeping the United States.  The way to show “I am safe, I am on your side.” to all those in need of knowing, for SURE, they are not alone.

While they are critics, the “This is not enough” I agree we need to do more than wear safety pins.  The reasons though for wearing the pins are important.

United State citizens that  are LGBT, or a minority, or perhaps an Atheist or a Muslim or anything in between – must wonder “Who can I trust?”  Incidents of hate are up.


Fear, on the part of minorities and on the part of people that don’t want that hate directed at themselves, is palatable in our nation now.

A safety pin, may not be much, but it means “I’m willing to risk my life to stand by your side.”

A candle in the window means, “My home is safe.  I will work for your safety and protection.”  


May we all follow the lead of Denmark. 

It’s not the safe choice, but it is I feel the right choice.



It is an act of bravery and risk, think of the lovely nation of Denmark, where during the Nazi occupation civilians wore hats knitted in the colors of the RAF.  The Nazi’s did not like it, and it was dangerous to wear such a cap.  The King of Denmark also stood up for the Jewish population in his nation.  It was their bravery that helped keep their Jewish population safe.  We need that kind of bravery today.

Consider a candle.




3 thoughts on “A Candle in the Dark, for these Dark Times

  1. Kitty Lapin Agile says:

    Reblogged this on Two Different Girls and commented:
    Consider a candle….

  2. Kate Holden-Laudig says:

    Thank you so much for this, Kitty. ❤️

  3. This is a wonderful post, Kitty. We’re adding the candle to our home as I type this. I also got my tactical baton today and began practice with it so I am pgysically able to back up my safety pin promise.

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