Supreme Failure

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July 6, 2014 by kittynh

Since my computer is out for the count, and I’m using a wonderful computer but am still trying to recover old files and such (and saving up for a new better computer)….please enjoy Donald’s post about the Supreme Court Ruling. His blog is great, and he’s my dose of Atheism for the skeptic site!

AZAtheist's Blog

In the last blog entry, I talked about a Supreme Court decision and gave them the benefit of the doubt. It was a unanimous decision after all and needed the extra attention to find the thread of logic that united the nine disparate judges in their decision to declare the Massachusetts statute unconstitutional. The thread was there and the decision was based on the importance of one of our basic liberties—our freedom of speech. There is no excuse for the June 30th decision to allow the religious convictions of an employer to override the life choices and freedoms of their employees! NO EXCUSE!

In a recent Tucson Weekly article reactions from Ron Barber and Martha McSally are compared. Congressman Barber’s reaction is short and to the point—the decision allows the corporations to trample the rights of its employees. Yes! It doesn’t matter how “sincerely held” a boss’s beliefs…

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