Computer Woes…

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July 1, 2014 by kittynh

I want to inform readers I had a serious cat/laptop accident.  THe computer involved was older and falling apart, so do not feel too badly/  Word went out, and it was with delight I received in the mail a small 2go little laptop.  I’m saving up for a better and bigger laptop, to help with the blogging.

Also, being on bed rest so much because of my illness issues, having a computer is a must…. even just to watch youtubes to laugh when some days the pain seems a bit too much.  Nothing like a cat video to cure the blues.

My friend Randy made sure I was not offline too long, and I’m saving up as quickly as I can for something for better blogging.  Stay tuned, I promise to try to keep putting up good quality posts (or silly fun posts as the mood strikes me), and look forward to a REAL computer (like a rebuilt Mac of some sort, ohhhhh…we can dream!)


So hang in there with me please.  

And don’t trust a cat, ever!


Thanks, KITTY

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