New York City Tarot Reader!


December 11, 2013 by kittynh

I’m not sure how professional this guy is, but he looks like he would give a fun reading!

Thanks to my friend Mark Roberts for capturing this moment.


3 thoughts on “New York City Tarot Reader!

  1. Kyler says:

    Hey Kitty, just caught this. Thanks for posting. Yes, my readings are fun – but more importantly, very professional. I’m an NYU grad, my novel’s being published this year, and I’ve been a professional psychic for 22 years. Check out my site…and see you in the park this spring!

    • kittynh says:

      I would love to come for a reading! You made my dear friend James Randi happy, though I think he probably won’t give you the million dollar prize! However, I would love a reading (I’ll pay, I hope your rates are reasonable as I’m retired!), and I would blog about it (with your permission). My friend Mark loves taking photographs of NY City, and his photograph of you has proven very popular. Good luck staying warm for what is left of winter, and I do hope to get to NY this Spring. I will email you so I can book a reading!

  2. Kyler says:

    Kitty, we all can’t wait for spring here in NYC. Very soon, I hope. Yes, the rates are very reasonable in the park, when it’s warm enough, and I always offer a deal of some sort. Mark’s photo was very popular on Facebook too, where I had a little contest with it! (top of my wall at the moment). Looking forward to meeting you!

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