Jehovah Witnesses, and the zombie question.


December 8, 2013 by kittynh

My daughter was at her apartment when she was visited by the JW.  Nice couple, and they handed her this brochure and asked her the question on the cover.


they didn’t look at her welcome mat

They obviously did not look at her welcome mat, which might have given them a clue to her answer.


The mat was on clearance after Halloween, but it’s great for year round use!

My daughter speicalizes in “old school” special effects.  She’s working on her first professional movie now, but has done student movies and zombie and horror make up for years.  If you want old fashioned blood and gore she’s your go to girl.


Who is to blame for all this? My very cool daughter!

She was very polite, took the brochure, and they left little knowing my daughter is more than prepared for when the dead do “live again”.


Ready for the double tap!

If you can’t beat them, join them…


I rather hope they will return, and ask her if she believes the dead can “live again” when she’s in full zombie makeup.  Her answer will be “YES!”

One thought on “Jehovah Witnesses, and the zombie question.

  1. jeffwagg says:

    No one ever accused the JWs of being culturally aware.

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