The Best Photograph of a Ghost in New Hampshire, is me!


October 25, 2013 by kittynh

An oldie from the other blog where I post, if you note James Randi himself commented on it! Just in time for Halloween, I help take the best ghost photograph in New Hampshire (well, I was trying to make orbs!)

Two Different Girls


I’m a member of the Granite State Skeptics. Skeptic groups are usually like minded logical locals that enjoy getting together to talk about critical thinking. Skeptic groups do a lot more than roll their eyes at psychics, medical frauds and politicians that are illiterate as they obviously haven’t read the First Amendment. Skeptic groups do work that includes supporting consumer safety and health, supporting science education, and being involved politically to keep religion out of the classroom. Though we also enjoy bitching about people like Creationists and Big Foot Hunters that have shows on the History Chanel. Granite State Skeptics has a monthly meeting, usually in a pub. There are many grass roots level “Skeptics in the Pub” meetings around the world.

The Granite State Skeptics like to have a Halloween activity that’s “fun”. Halloween fun to the group is of course something involving…

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