Why we should be skeptical of information found on the internet


August 21, 2013 by kittynh


their favorite poop stop, still open for business

My friend Steve is on vacation.  Why he needs to go on vacation from his beautiful home (and boat house) on Lake Franklin Pierce is beyond me.  Most of us living in New Hampshire save vacations for winter, where we head South like any smart animal.

Steve has a problem with Canadian Geese.  They like his yard, especially the dock and area near the lake.  Usually where the geese like to hang out is filled with children, grandchildren and friends all enjoying the water.  The geese for the most part keep away.

I should assure everyone that the lake has large tracks of undeveloped land, far more quiet and peaceful for birds of any type, than my friends home.

Before our friend went on vacation he checked for ideas on how to keep these unwanted guests away. The internet claims that if you tie pie pans around your dock, they will frighten the geese.  The pans will blow gently in the breeze and confuse the poor dumb birds.


Very festive the geese think

Sadly, the geese don’t read the internet, so they didn’t know they were supposed to be afraid of the pie pans.

I was going by on my boat and looked over to see the geese happily ensconced, and doing what they like to do best, pooping all over my friend’s dock and yard.  If anything, they seemed happy with the pie pans that added a festive air to their favorite toilet stop.


More geese than ever around the boathouse.


One thought on “Why we should be skeptical of information found on the internet

  1. Geek Goddess says:

    I think I’ve been right there.

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