Lake Franklin Pierce Haunted Camp


August 15, 2013 by kittynh

When people come to visit, I like to take them to see the “Haunted Camp” here on Lake Pierce in Antrim, NH.

The “camp”, which is the traditional name of a small seasonal cabin or group of building on a lake in New England, has been unoccupied for the past 10 years I have been told.  At one time it was “Camp Laugh A Lot” and owned by “The Shorts”.  Still, ever since we have been here we have noticed the camp is empty.

Sometimes a boat will pull up and people will wander the site.  It’s one of the more beautiful sites on the cove part of the lake.  The camp is heavily wooded and extends into a smaller inlet that is known for especially good fishing.  The view is also lovely.  Still, the little red cabin stands alone.


Camp Laugh A Lot in early Spring, before the lake has filled up

A few years ago someone stopped by and threw a blue tarp over the leaky roof, but it soon blew off.  Inside the cabin appears to be untouched (no one has gone inside as far as I can tell, but the windows seem to show it is full of old furniture and belongings). It’s as if the owners shut it up for the summer season, fully expecting to return from their wintering in Florida.


Under the cabin. just waiting for the owners to return

Under the cabin is storage, filled with everything from now chewed up life vests to a boat.  There is even an old firehose, waiting to be made into a buffer from when boats tie up to a dock.  The camp has the traditional outhouse, and the water is pumped in straight from the lake.


the bathroom may need some remodelling

People have been out on the cove at night and mentioned seeing mysterious lights at the camp.  Also, they claim to have seen faces looking out of the windows.  I’ve noticed reflections on the dirty windows can look like whatever you want to imagine.  Still, it fits in with all we think of as “spooky”.  Alone, quiet, and abandoned.

Almost any home that has been seemingly abandoned, though I’m sure someone owns it, begins to build up a reputation as haunted.  This camp is almost a set for any horror movie.  When people walk there, they feel “creepy” and “uneasy”.  Dr.Richard Wiseman has done research on why we feel this way.  One reason is evolution has programmed us to avoid dark and dangerous situations.  Also we’ve been programmed by the media to know what a “haunted” area should look like.  This camp looks like someone in a hockey mask should be nearby.

The danger now at Camp Laugh a Lot is an old tree that is ready to fall on any unsuspecting visitors.  Spooks and humans need to be careful not to get bonked on the head.

I hope one day soon a new family can move into the camp.  The cabin is I fear beyond repair.  But the view and quiet location would make it an excellent place to build a new cabin for a new generation to enjoy.  I hope it will again be called “Camp Laugh A Lot”, and not be the place where teenagers come for a cheap thrill and others avoid as it’s “haunted”.

2 thoughts on “Lake Franklin Pierce Haunted Camp

  1. John Stewart says:

    Cathy and I walked around a bit and speculated about the people who made wonderful memories there. Being the responsible camper I am I picked up some trash upon leaving.

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