Where’s Evelyn? Read her blog and follow along!


May 29, 2013 by kittynh

Many of you may know my daughter the MIT PhD (yes I get to say that at every opportunity the rest of my life).  She has a blog, a REAL BLOG, with fabulous stories about rocks.

I’m sharing here, though you might also like to check out her other blog geokittehs.  (this is the world’s best site for teaching young children about geological terms.  Or adults)


Evelyn as a scientist always respects local culture and customs. Also I really want that scarf. She has had no problem travelling and working in a culture very different than the one where she was raised, as she understands she is a guest.

You can’t see much of what she looks like as she’s rather covered up in the photographs.  Yes she does speak Arabic, and has a deep love for travelling in the Middle East.  Her graduate work involved living in Oman for long periods of time.

If you are a teacher, her blog is a great way to introduce geology to your students.  She’s a world traveler, so her blog is worth checking out even if you aren’t that into rocks (guess what, they are way cool and literally everywhere).



stone flowers… just so beautiful

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