Curious Time in Chicago


May 27, 2013 by kittynh


Many skeptics remember Jeff Wagg from when he worked at the JREF, and also from earlier TAM’s (The Amazing Meeting), where along with Karl, Linda, Scott and Randi he kept things running smoothly for many years.

Jeff now runs an annual event called the “College of Curiosity”.  This year, the college was held in Chicago at the historic Glessner House.  Jeff also, to the delight of his friends and family, married the wonderful Dr.Jennifer Newport.


Laughter while learning Roman history? Of course!

Their marriage was a wonderful reflection of their personalities.  The theme was “Circus”, and many people attending joined in by dressing as pirates, jesters or whatever they felt like dressing as!


smiles were the accessory of choice for everyone!

I went with “Dress Carny” (it’s a look that works well for me).


dress as you want, the best dress code ever.


Susan was having her anniversary, and Chip was just taking photographs as usual!


Yes there was a bouncy house. Yes it is a very cool thing to have at a wedding.


It was a day for hugs, laughter and love.

Friends of Jeff Wagg will I hope enjoy these photographs and videos from the conference and wedding.

Nothing like Mindy the Monkey for fun.  (friend her on facebook)

Many people have asked about the waitresses, here is a video of the back of their serving contraptions!


The way cool appetizer princesses (or whatever, everyone loved them)


Did I mention the food was quite good? Yes that is MY PLATE! (hey obviously they had pre plated for me)


There were really beautiful cool carnival/circus/steampunk type things everywhere. A feast for the eyes.

3 thoughts on “Curious Time in Chicago

  1. Geek Goddess says:

    Floating tables!

  2. […] attending the wedding of our good friends Jeff and Jenn in Chicago, my husband suggested we stay at a hotel next door to a Giordono’s Pizza.  My […]

  3. Kitty Lapin Agile says:

    Reblogged this on Two Different Girls and commented:
    I wanted the many friends of Jeff and Jenn to enjoy my blog post about their wonderful wedding. Even if you don’t know Jenn and Jeff, their wedding was quite different (in the best way) I recommend a bouncy house for ANY wedding. Early on it kept the small children happy, and later on the adults really enjoyed it.

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