Used demon possessed is always better than expensive new!


April 23, 2013 by kittynh

Recently Pat Robertson weighed in on the question of buying used clothing.  He wasn’t against saying a prayer over your used clothing purchases.  He felt, while probably not necessary with every piece of clothing you bought used, it couldn’t hurt.  I recently bought a used Orvis quilted jacket at the Salvation Army for $7.  A new Orvis quilted jacket costs $140.  I don’t care if this jacket is possessed by a Bezzlebub himself and drips blood on occasion, I’m wearing it.  I love it.

Sorry, but if you buy my clothing my ghost comes with it.

Sorry, but if you buy my clothing my ghost comes with it.

The sad fact is sometimes I walk into our local Salvation Army and find a whole crop of nice new stuff in my size.  I smile and think, “Well someone with my taste in clothing just died! This is great!”

Seriously, it’s the circle of life.  When I die, my clothing will end up where?  The Salvation Army.  They are the only game in town for taking your used clothing, and I like to think when I die someone else will walk into the store and go “Oh yeah!  Someone died in my size!”

This fear of demons or spirits of the dead infesting used clothing or anything  not new, is not just restricted to viewers of fundamentalist TV shows.  It also happens to new agers.

My cousin is horrified by my love of used anything.  When I lived in Wisconsin, she would come visit my home, only to be upset at my home quickly filling up with items once owned by others.  She informed me more than once of the HAUNTED BUNK BEDS! Horricon Wisconsin in 1988 was the scene of a horrible haunting in a ranch style home (I can’t see any ghost worthy of the name haunting a ranch house!).

The focal point seemed to be bunk beds that were purchased used.  I favored the snow blower, thinking as interesting as haunted bunk beds are, it’s far more in keeping with the culture of Wisconsin to have the snow blower be the focus of demons. “Honey, I can’t clear the driveway, the snow blower is spitting blood again!”

My cousin warned me again and again about buying new items only, or only items that I knew the history of.  I lived in a home that was already considered haunted,  by a Mr.Hubbard, that I was filling the home with antiques had her worried about my safety.

Time for ghosts!

Time for ghosts!

I was simply thrilled that Manitowoc Wisconsin prices for antiques were so much less expensive that antique prices on the East Coast where I had lived before.  I happily did the rounds of the antique shops, my favorite was Viking Antiques, and filled the old home with my bargains.  It was far cheaper to buy a good piece of real wood furniture, than a new bit of laminated furniture.

50 cents bought this sofa long ago. Renovating it took a bit more.  Still, there is a smudge on the photo, could be a ghost?

50 cents bought this sofa long ago. Renovating it took a bit more. Still, there is a smudge on the photo, could be a ghost?

I had inherited this love of used furniture bargains from my grandmother, who had bought a beautiful antique sofa for 50 cents in the 1930’s.  I of course inherited it and spent over a thousand getting it refurbished!  Even so that was fine with her as obviously I knew where it had come from, and since my grandmother had no problems with the spirits that owned it before, it was “safe”.

People have refused to sleep on this bed in the guest room.  They find the old hand carved bed "spooky".  Mr.Sleepy Bear disagrees.

People have refused to sleep on this bed in the guest room. They find the old hand carved bed “spooky”. Mr.Sleepy Bear disagrees.

Every time my cousin came to visit, she spent the night shivering in her bed, obsessing not only over our ghost, Mr. Hubbard, but also all the new to me antiques I had purchased.  She would bring crystals to put in front of her bedroom door so Mr.Hubbard would not just pop in to say hello.

Sometimes she would chant an “Ancient Indian purification” prayer and light some sage to cleanse a recent purchase.  I would point out that Native Americans didn’t tend to go antique shopping in “ancient” times, so I doubt the prayer was doing any good.  Plus, the sage smoke made me sneeze.  She was only allowed to purify if the weather was nice enough for the windows to be open.

This ghost must be Canadian as I bought this butter churn in Ottawa

This ghost must be Canadian as I bought this butter churn in Ottawa

I let her do it, but didn’t hold back my laughter.  Her own home was filled with brand new items. I would tease her that the spirits of the Chinese workers that made her mass produced brand new products in their sweatshops filled each item.  She pointed out they were alive, I would point out when they died she was really in for it!

There is an actual phobia some people have for antiques.  Billy Bob Thornton downplays his famous phobia about antiques in this article, but it’s fairly typical.  Most phobias for vintage items seems based on the belief that some spirit of the former owner still clings to the item.  Also that this spirit can influence what happens to you in your life.

Old lamp, does it have demons?

Old lamp, does it have demons?

Old lamp DOES have demons!

Old lamp DOES have demons!

My home, I now live back on the East Coast, is too new to be haunted.  It is filled with all the wonderful used items I purchased in Wisconsin.  I even filled a small cabin I bought with items picked off the streets of Boston (when the colleges go to summer break, the streets of Boston are filled with furniture and countless items with FREE signs on them).  I have rugs (well cleaned by myself), bookcases galore, end tables, coffee tables and a TV stand all found for free and full of the spirits of drunken college orgies.  Well that one rug sure looked like it had seen an orgy or two before I steam cleaned it.

There are items that are haunted, and then there is a bargain.  Bargain wins every time.

2 thoughts on “Used demon possessed is always better than expensive new!

  1. I recently remarried and moved to a small town called Mustang in Oklahoma. I was starting off new with buying furniture and stuff needed for our home. I went to Salvation Army and found antiques that really fascinated me from early 1900s. I started hearing sounds, hearing voices and seeing things such as lights swoop over the walls in my rooms and feeling someone touching me and towards the end I heard voices. I thought my mind was going crazy. I’m now moving to my hometown to a apartment because it has became worse.

    • kittynh says:

      I’m so sorry, I would say moving will help your peace of mind no matter what. I also suggest, and please don’t take this that I’m saying your experiences are false, please get a complete physical check up. Sometimes homes have mold or other problems, that can cause or even add to a medical condition. Plus, with any paranormal experience, it’s important to get a physical. Even the hard core believers will tell you this. Many physical illnesses can cause problems (and I’m not talking mental illnesses, the visions or voices or weird things seen out of the corner of the eye can be something simple or something truly dangerous such as a brain tumor). Best bet, if you have moved and it keeps up, see a doctor. Or if you love the new home, see a doctor before you move! Best of luck!

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