Quilts I’ve made for Skeptics


April 21, 2013 by kittynh

I’m not a great quilter, I sort of fell into making quilts when friends that owned a quilt shop asked if I would design a few patterns for them.  Probably my most popular design they still sell is a redwork Alice in Wonderland.  (Redwork is simple line embroidery usually done in red thread).

However, when my daughter was working as an intern for James Randi, she informed me she needed a Christmas gift for him and his partner Deyvi.  I decided he might like a magic themed throw quilt.  I found some simple line drawings of magic tricks in an old “Hot to Perform Magic” book and combined those with playing card fabric.


Randi is pretending he is a floating head, he’s always a magician!

I was lucky enough to see my quilt still has a home in Randi’s library.  It doesn’t get cold enough too use it too often in Florida, but I am honored after all these years it’s still in use.

My cat Moxie, named after Moxie Crimefighter, enjoys the quilt.

My cat Moxie, named after Moxie Crimefighter, enjoys the quilt.

One rabbit has stage fright

One rabbit has stage fright

I later heard that Penn Jillette, the skeptic, atheist and magician, was having his first child.  I decided to make a baby quilt for Randi and his staff to give Penn.  While making the quilt, my own very simple design, I decided to make second one.  One day some lucky baby will be able to snuggle under this second magician’s child quilt.  While I hope Moxie Crimefighter Jillette enjoyed her quilt (which I am sure she has out grown), I am still kept busy making new quilts for skeptic friends that have babies.

One of my latest was a Doctor Who themed one (Yes you can purchase Doctor Who fabric).  I’m also making a large Star Trek quilt (with Star Trek fabric) for my daughter, the same one that interned with Randi.

hat one

One thought on “Quilts I’ve made for Skeptics

  1. CelticRose says:

    Nice quilts! Love the bunnies. : )

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