1. Getting it Right often means Getting it Wrong First

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    September 26, 2016 by kittynh


    I have a wool felting project for an important event. I’m supposed to recreate a piece of local history, using …
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  2. When it looks like aliens, but it’s just Nature!

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    September 11, 2016 by kittynh

    Bigfoot in Fox  Forest, he's behind the rock telling me his rock cutting secrets.

    Ever since the earliest settlers came to New Hampshire, they would look to the mountains and see, a man. ¬†Or …
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  3. Lawn Ornaments, the history of our front yards

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    August 24, 2016 by kittynh


    The outdoors ,for many, is as important for self expression as the indoors. This is very apparent at the current …
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  4. Geocache for Nyneve and me!

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    August 16, 2016 by kittynh


    One of the most wonderful couples I know lost two children. I don’t want to sound all “The Importance of …
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    August 15, 2016 by kittynh

    A rather neat desk that now belongs to a terrific skeptic, and there is a previous owner that has a tie in to number   .....

      This is a game, called “GUESS THE MESS”. In the commentary, guess who these messes belonged to, and win …
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  6. Bigfoot Talk and Podcast!


    July 26, 2016 by kittynh


    I was honored recently to give a talk at Keene Public Library as part of their “Out of the Normal” …
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  7. Travis and I see a chupacabra….

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    July 16, 2016 by kittynh

    Originally posted on Two Different Girls:
    Creature of the New Hampshire night.Darted between houses and across road Travis Roy is the president…