Spring and just hoping for the Best


April 25, 2022 by kittynh

Today I’m sharing just a few photographs I’ve taken recently. Photography outside is allowed, and I’m really enjoying it as a way to enjoy myself during this time of limited activity for many of us.

Like many of you, about 2 years ago I thought this new virus was going to cause a few issues for the next few months. It appears that it is now not perhaps ignored, but simply a part of our life. Much like AIDS, hope for a cure became managing a disease.

Exploring where I live, the world is great but it’s been surprising how nice it is locally.

My mother and grandmother both grew up with Tuberculosis as an everyday fact of life. My grandmother being a nurse, made extra money by visiting neighbors that had TB. My mom would tag along. One of the long term patients taught my mother how to knit.

The number one cause of death at that time was TB. You wouldn’t know it viewing most movies made during this time. Even books written during this time ignored the worst health issue the US had at the time. It may be that this virus, will be the TB of today. Some people will die from it. Some people will become impaired by it, not as strong as they were before. Others will survive, but it might take years of resting, and other will never know they had it.

I find taking photographs makes me look at the details. I see more when I’m going to take a few photographs.

While most people seem willing to just accept this is here with us, many of us are forced by advances in science to take more precautions. The immune suppressant medication that keeps me alive, could also kill me. I have become very tired of staying home, but also I’ve compromised on always wearing a mask when inside and fastidiously sanitizing my hands. I find out when stores are less crowded, often by calling the store.

I have found shops online to shop from, and also local sellers of everything from eggs to pig where I can grocery shop. I also still have to deal with my original illness, so there are doctor appointments where the waiting rooms are almost empty. My doctors also are very efficient about staying on time now. The place I feel least safe is waiting for lab work. There appears to be no time that the lab waiting area is not busy. Still I feel lucky to have support and help so I do not have to leave the house unless it is for something enjoyable.

Cemeteries are very quiet and I’ve learned a lot of history from the headstones.

I have learned to play Pokemon. It makes a walk a lot more fun and walks can be mask free.

I sneak into a craft store at the times with the least people. One craft store locally has a rather senior aged staff, so they all wear masks. I shop there for the most part.

I like interesting houses. Plus I love this green. These camera phones are pretty nice!

I have a friend that let me come play with her lambs. She said I can drop by and see the sheep or just walk around the farm anytime. I’m lucky to live in a beautiful area, and so just being outside is a delight.

I’m counting my blessings, but still sad about not being able to visit my mom in the nursing home. I have a wonderful step dad who takes care of her, but I wish I could do more to take care of both of them. Still, plans are afoot to visit in a few months as I’ll just have to trust my precautions and avoid my inclinations to visit museums and crowded indoor areas. There is a lot to enjoy outside.


One thought on “Spring and just hoping for the Best

  1. sgerbic says:

    What great photos Kitty! You have quite an eye and you are right about the quality of these camera phones.

    Very interesting what you said about TB. Most people today have no idea how devastating it was. Polio and smallpox and the 1917-18 flu. Omg we should be dancing in the streets with this amazing vaccine that we got so quickly.

    In my Genelogy class last year we had the assignment of picking one event that completely changed the trajectory or our families lives. And I picked TB. Raised in very very poor family in Arkansas we had many deaths including my mom’s mother who died at 27 leaving 6 kids.

    You are a great story teller – miss you

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