1. Aristotle and the traveling wombs

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    February 11, 2016 by kittynh


      Jeremy Trolley Jeremy Trolley writes delightful posts on Facebook that educate all his followers on the Middle Ages.  The …
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  2. When We Believed in Change

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    February 1, 2016 by kittynh


    This is a repost from Paul Loebe, it’s pretty obvious which candidate he supports.  My own feelings are that in …
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  3. What’s Giselle Feeding Tom Brady?


    January 20, 2016 by kittynh

    A recent article in UK Vogue features an interview with the ever youthful Giselle Bundchen.  The world knows her as …
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  4. The No Headline Gun Death Epidemic

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    January 12, 2016 by kittynh


    When I read this Facebook post by my friend Karen, I wanted to share it to start a dialogue on …
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  5. Beautiful women= Young looking?

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    January 10, 2016 by kittynh

    palindrome onea

    A wonderful photograph of the beautiful actress Sophia Loren is making the rounds online.  She is 80 years old and …
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  6. “I Believe in UFOs 100%.”

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    January 9, 2016 by kittynh

    Source: “I Believe in UFOs 100%.”

  7. Medicine isn’t Science


    December 30, 2015 by kittynh

    Bunny can be a bit confusing, but she has inspired science teachers!

    I’ve been suffering from an immune response disease for several years now.  It’s been a very new experience, travels in …
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