Antique Store Education – Group Behavior

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May 29, 2019 by kittynh

When I was taking art classes, one teacher asked the class where we went to get ideas and be inspired.  We mentioned local art fairs, college showings of art, magazines and other media.


Bottles, the container keeps the picker from making too much of a mess.

The teacher said “You need to go to museums.  Big name museums.  You need to see the best work there is to view.  Be inspired by the best, and your own work will improve!”


These three together, who wouldn’t want to purchase the THREE? It looks fabulous.

Now none of us were going to be the next Picasso or Vermeer.  But, she was right as I learned so much about composition, color, texture and how to view art by viewing the best.


Chairs on the table to hold items. Think outside the box, this makes a great display


I found the same goes for thrift shopping and picking.  If you keep your finds for yourself, or if you sell online or have a booth, looking at the “best” means you’ll know the best when you find it.


The music scrolls go for little money, but who can resist when grouped like this?


The nicest local antique shop is located in Bellows Falls Vermont.  The Wyndham Antique Center is two floors of beauty.  So what can we learn here?

Today’s class is about GROUP BEHAVIOR.


Different sizes also makes a fun display


The first thing you notice in this shop is that things are displayed in groups.

Everything looks better, and more inviting, in a group.


Any grouping looks better than just one alone.  Buyers will think so also!

If you have several pocket knives, while it is fun to hunt and pick, how much nicer to group them all together? Also have them on a tray or box, so they stay grouped.  This grouping is so welcoming.  You can touch and examine each one, and not look around and wonder where to put it back down.


Once again, people feel free to touch, but know where to put it back. The area stays neater.

Grouping items into displays can also help sell items.  If a few cheap bocci balls look good in the shop, they could make a nice display in your home.


Since these are inexpensive, why not get them all and set them up this way?

Many items you never thought of as decor, become decorative when in a group.  I can think of nothing more interesting than having a large group of mixed brass candlesticks in the middle of a dining room table.  Not having two that match, means you can have lots that do not match.


A way to make any table look fabulous. Just a grouping of candlesticks. These would look incredible in any dining room and would be cheap to pick up while vintage shopping.

Seasonal groups are also wonderful.  These chickens and the glass eggs, along with the chicken print, is perfect for Spring.  I bought a glass egg!


I bought an egg.  I have a chicken already.  


Having the right container for your group is also important.  It just looks interesting.  You can dig and yet not be making a mess.  Once again, the container contains the items.


So many groups, with containers, so you can dig and be able to put things back easily

Also grouping allows things to be seen, without digging. These buttons are a beautiful work of art hung on this old screen.  They also can be easily seen.  Suggestions for what you can do with buttons (or any other object) is great for convincing a buyer they do need this item.


Fancy antique stores aren’t always expensive.  These are wonderful buttons and a great display.


Grouping makes buyers rethink an item that might not sell just sitting by itself.

My purchase:  The copper mold was in with a large group of copper molds and pans.

It stood out by being the smallest item.


The mold and egg were around $20 



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