Lamps I Did Not Buy (but one I hope to)

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April 29, 2019 by kittynh

Those of us following the Crazy Lamp Lady on Facebook or Youtube, feel like we are LAMP EXPERTS.  I look for lamps everywhere now.


Let’s start with a very pretty lamp.  It’s not my style but it is so PRETTY.  I’m really tempted as it is perfect condition.

I will never buy or sell a lamp, but I do now purchase old lamps, which my husband rewires.  We have some really nice lamps in the house now!


Two NO!  The large white one has a hideous shade. It might be a fine shade but it is on the wrong lamp. The little side lamp here is cute but as my daughter put it, “Mom, I think it’s kind of racist.” Living so far North, this would be tricky to pull off in my New England decor.

I purchased two lamps in one day, and none of these posted are lamps I purchased. But there are two I would like to go back for, because they are so lovely.  Not my style, but just so beautiful.


I see these a lot, this one has a wash cloth to replace the wagon cover.   Were there TV top lamps?

Sadly I don’t know if they are worth the prices or not.

If anyone knows if $50 is a good price for these lamps, let me know.


Is this $50 lamp my style? No but what is on the back makes me think I’ll go back and purchase it.

Of if any of these lamps are a good deal.  Would you have bought them?


I have a feeling this is a very nice lamp, since it was given as a presentation.  It has history.

They range all over the place in price and in taste!


Drama girl is not too expensive but I just can’t start my day with her in the house.  She seems too full of angst.

I really wanted to purchase the lobster attacking the man lamp, but at $89 dollars I could only take a joke so far.  However, I did take a photo of it with my phone and pretended to love it.  After all I love lobster.


Back up decoy lamp.  He even has BUTTER just waiting for these lobsters.  But that one lobster is trying to KILL HIM.  This is my back up decoy lamp.   I sent this to my husband and he was “BUY ANYTHING BUT THIS!”  I would love it just for the conversation…

This helped when I decided to purchase a much smaller and cheaper lamp and my husband was “YES YES ANYTHING BUT THE LOBSTER LAMP!”  Always have a decoy bad lamp in your phone photographs.


Such a pretty lamp but just not my style.

So, would you have bought any of these lamps? Which ones?


A TV horse lamp, not a night light as the tag claims.  Nice but, not sure what I would do with it.


Even at $20, just say NO.


Pretty but LARGE!


…and just an inexpensive modern lamp.  Skipped but probably cheaper than purchasing new if it would fit in your home!

SO let me know, which ones were winners and which are losers?



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