Vintage Picking….


April 17, 2019 by kittynh

I admit that with Spring weather here, I’m visiting all the vintage shops and charity shops.  Because for much of the winter I watched videos on how to pick and sell items!

I loved the shopping part.  I do not like the “Packing and shipping” part.   Also that it appears Goodwill has raised their prices.  There is also something called “Savers” that should be avoided by pickers.


This wee table has an incredible device to hold the wings up…. one little twist. What I like is my husband said “Please no more tables”.  But this one he was fine with… and $20.  For $20, I like it (it’s in great shape and the side wings are flat and strong when up)

I do vintage shop for old local items, such as from the town where I live.  This post is just to show some of finds from just two shops and one day.


This is a mug from a local children’s camp.  I don’t know if it’s worth anything but it is LOCAL and was 50 cents.

I also like to find nice art for the walls, and gifts for friends.  Since I volunteer at the Historical Society, I like to find items they might want for their collection.  Also they have a wonderful auction in the Fall, and I like to look for something to donate to the auction.


Steel etching from a book, frame is good, nice art for $8

Only the best will do, but you can often find treasure if you look long enough.


These wee vintage wood blocks look like a New England town.  I’m pairing some with a vintage postcard of Keene and they are in a new shadow box.  It’s a fun way to display the blocks.

The one FB group I belong to seems to be pickers that sell on ETSY and Ebay.


There is a pair of two wooden carved acorn shelf things.  I love acorns, so of course I bought them.  These were $28, but in good condition, no missing bits.  

They share their finds, and also ask advice about how much an item is worth.  Even with the wonders of the internet, it’s often difficult to find out how much a seller should charge.


No clue what this is.  It was $1

I like to share my good deals, even if I don’t sell.  One recent good deal was this Sebastian miniature COW.  I bought it for 50 cents, and it sells for $25 and up.  I don’t know WHY, as it is very ugly.


This cow is ugly

However the history is the best part for me.  It seems in Boston there is a law about cows and the Boston Common.  Since there are no longer any public cow paths to the common, if you own a house on the common, you are required by law to let ANYONE with a cow bring it through your house to get to the common.

I just want to borrow a cow for a weekend and see if I CAN get a cow through a house!


6 thoughts on “Vintage Picking….

  1. sgerbic says:

    Please film any encounters you have with trying to get a cow through someone’s house. That would be special.

    I really like the town blocks you found. And agree that that cow is extremely ugly.

    • kittynh says:

      I won’t tell you what houses on Boston Common go for, but, I would only bring a calf or small cow. Because I’m not sure how you really handle a cow, I plan to start small.

  2. Hehe good luck with your cow experiements! Thanks so much for my beautiful cat butterflies, they arrived today and I love them. Jenny x

  3. leifkismet says:

    I only like selling things in person. Mail order is weird. I don’t owe anybody any feedback. I like selling at flea markets. It’s better to buy collections off ppl. Thrift stores are a waste of time and gas. You’d be better off buying off ebay to sell on ebay, than running around and wasting gas. Yard sales are ok, but you’ll hit 5 of them, and maybe get enough stuff to justify your time. There’s too much competition these days because of ebay, and show like storage wars and pickers. Some people just do it for fun. I don’t get that. It’s more fun buying stuff to keep. Selling at flea markets is cool. You meet a lot of really interesting people.

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