Free Paper Dolls!

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April 3, 2019 by kittynh

I am a huge fan of Tim Holtz products.  My favorite has to be his “paper dolls”.  These paper dolls are card stock images of “dead people” (as my husband calls them).  They are “found relatives” to the rest of us.


Kitty and Kitty say WELCOME!

I’ve done some books with just Holtz found relatives.


Let’s dance! 

Holtz has many paper artists looking for “found relatives” everywhere.  I recently was given a falling apart half book.  Half of the book is missing.  It appears to be a book of little stories and poem children can recite.


I am a BEFORE, Kitty has cut us out to help make us Paper Dolls

The recitations are very interesting, but what I really enjoy are the photographs of children.  I decided to try to share these with anyone wanting some vintage children for their paperwork.


We hope you enjoy and use the Paper Dolls at the bottom of this article!

Please know I do not have the abilities of the Holtz empire, or even the average worker at Kinkos.

I do have a scanner and a pair of scissors, which is how I cut out some of the better photographs.  I hope people can use these photographs to print and cut out their own reciting children.

I’ve also included a few fun photographs from the book.  I wish I knew more about this book, but I didn’t just want it to be thrown out without giving these children one last chance at being included in new works by a new generation.

If anyone has any suggestions, on how to copy and print or make these a bit more clear, I’m open to ideas.

ENJOY and please SHARE!!!












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