We Check In…

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November 12, 2018 by kittynh

So, it’s well known I adore the Rudyard Kipling Home in Vermont.  I’ve toured it twice, and my husband decided since I can’t travel to Europe because of health issues, why not time travel locally?


The view was so lovely… even this late.

Part of me is, do I want to share this incredibly journey? I’m not sure how to convey how happy I am without sounding like I’m bragging.  I then remember my friends, who travelled to all sorts of wonderful places and share, and my feeling is always one of “I am so glad they are traveling, and having a great time!”  My feeling is, share your happy experiences, because true friends will be happy for you.


My friend Chip is bringing his own top hat, but I also brought one…

We checked in and the sun was setting.  We made a light dinner and sat at the kitchen table.  We aren’t quite ready for the big dining room yet!  The house is built like a ship, narrow and LONG, so it’s a little confusing as you pass through room after room to get where you need to go.


What a BIG BATHROOM (one of three, all on the second floor!)

We picked our bedroom and bathroom out.  One thing I’m not used to is the bathrooms being on the second floor.


Time travel problems… how do make the shower work?

We are unpacked and looking forward to our friends that are coming up from New York. They have their choice of two bedrooms.  Our friend Chip from Vermont will also be joining us, and he gets whatever is left over!

As you can see, the view even from one of the bathrooms is fabulous!


It may be cooler but the porch is still well worth enjoying.  Also you can see the neighbors!

You would think just settling in would be boring, but we just sat and enjoyed he spectacular views and sunset.  While it is well past “Peak Leaf” time, the sunset was still. spectacular.


We have this odd feeling that Mr.Kipling, who designed the house, and his family are allowing us to enjoy their home.  It feels as if we are house sitting for the family and they will show up at any minute!   If only for a few days, living in this home we love, is truly a vacation for us.


When you can’t travel, you have to get creative.  So you look around and see what’s nearby and in this case, go time traveling.

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