Super Simple Gift… Miniature Office!

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October 26, 2018 by kittynh


All views of the office, but I forgot to photograph the ceiling!

So everyone, this is a SECRET! But since it is getting closer to the holidays, I thought I would share this gift I made for a very special person.

I won’t go into details.

But I do want to share what I made, so others can try it.

I needle felted a voodoo doll sized version of the person.  Not to stick pins in, but to honor him.  I’ve never done a felted doll to look like someone, but I am happy with the results. But what to DO with the wee person?  Since he likes bottles, my first attempt was to stuff this doll into a bottle.  It did not go well.




Next, I thought, we’ll why not put him in a book? I just happened to have a false book, and snuck into his office to take photographs.  I then cut each photograph to size and glued them in, front, back and sides of his office.


Regular white glue worked well 

The cover of the book is the front door, and the side has the sad clock in the hallway.  The back cover is the stairway to the offices.


Front door, front cover

It was so easy to turn the book into a small diorama of the office, that ANYONE can do this.  All you do it take photographs, print, and glue in place.  The possibilities are endless, and a lot of fun.

Michaels craft store has false books, and sometimes TJ Max carries the books.

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