Dear Wal Mart Shoppers, Today’s Special, Kindness!

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March 23, 2017 by kittynh

My friend that works at Wal Mart shared what her typical day is like.


This rather sums it up.


Today’s my one year anniversary at my place of employment. In that time I’ve had TWO promotions. So today, I’m going to say, I feel like I’ve survived a year of retail boot camp and I’m pretty proud of that! 🙂 So, to break down my “boot camp” days, here’s why I am tired after a day of work and why I LOVE kicking my feet up and relaxing when it’s over…

I don’t get a lunch until 6 hours into my shift, after being on my feet nonstop walking the entire time. 

I don’t get 15 minute breaks at all. Zero zilch nada, due to lack of coverage in the store for it. Plus,  the state where I work doesn’t mandate those breaks sooo…

I get yelled at / cussed at / screamed at / threatened / bullied by customers.

Sometimes I circumvent a theft. That’s kinda tricky though. I’m NOT loss prevention though I help them sometimes.

I sometimes get slammed with anywhere from 2-25 requests simultaneously, including price checks where I must run across an entire superstore to approve a price change on one item, on down to several customers staring at me at once from various locations as I stumble about trying to fix everything.

I am personally responsible for rebooting dozens of registers all at once every time the system goes down (at least once a day)

I’m literally an on-foot bank teller waitress all in one! 

I walk 5-15 miles per day, 4-5 days per week on a rock hard surface. 
With chronic hip bursitis, plantar fasciitis, degenerative disc disease, and more.

I’m the sounding board for over 90 associates in my department.

I oversee not just employees working, but I ensure the safety of those who fall ill and those who require hospitalization until the ambulance arrives.

I deal with drama from associates, all while delegating responsibility among those 90 associates, competing with other departments to “be the best” and ensuring my store management team is happy. 

Let’s just say, I feel like I’m successful.



Now I will share my experience that lead me to ask my friend to share her day:

I was in Wal Mart and the price scanner for customers was not working.  I had no clue what the price of an item was, and asked an employee for help.  I just wanted to know the price of an item.

The employee was frazzled looking, she had a pile of clothing in her arms, but put them down and was polite and promised to help me immediately.

Ten minutes later I was becoming upset.  I didn’t have this time to waste.  The employee then came back with the price, and apologized.  I could see two other customers, also slowly losing their tempers, following her. I looked into her eyes and my anger died.

She was so polite, so lovely, and you could tell this was a hard day for her.

So next time, smile back.  Be polite.  Give the employee a break.  It’s a tough job.

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