Horrors! Help an Artist and Get a Scare!


May 22, 2016 by kittynh

So my friend the artist Morgan Hughes has a kickstarter for his sculpted mask.

My husband wore one of his masks last Halloween and children wouldn’t even come near him for candy.  Even older children.  It was terrific, but not as terrific as this new mask.

I usually wouldn’t promote a kickstarter on the blog, but….the rewards are fabulous.


Want a two face skull?  Make a small donation.


Want a terrifically detailed Werewolf plaque for your wall? Make a small donation.


The rewards are less than most of us would pay for such incredible work.

So I’m sharing because we should support young talented artists, and these are great rewards.


One thought on “Horrors! Help an Artist and Get a Scare!

  1. kittynh says:

    Reblogged this on Yankee Skeptic and commented:

    The rewards are really fun for the horror fan in your life….and every bit helps a young artist.

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