Scared Silly

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March 29, 2016 by kittynh

Yankeeskeptic supporter, the College of Curiosity crew, has a new and very exciting, and slightly terrifying, new podcast.


Two of the fears covered, clowns and popcorn!

Pantophobia highlights the anxieties that most of us seem to suffer from, you know the ones you never tell anyone about.  It’s one thing to be afraid of snakes and spiders.  It’s another to be afraid of bridges, fish, holes and sleeping on the floor.  These phobias seem silly, but they are enough to make many of us scared silly.

Jeff Wagg of College of Curiosity shares a bit of the background behind the podcast.

“We did the podcast because we all suffered from anxiety, and we noticed that people were somehow ashamed of their anxiety. It’s our goal to remove a bit of that shame by talking frankly and supportively about it.
Also… some of the episodes are designed to induce a bit of anxiety. That’s for the people that aren’t suffereing from whatever that fear is. And it’s an invitation to experience your anxiety on your terms, with the hope that there’s something at the end that will be useful.”


I have to admit that one of my phobias is covered during the podcast on:


(I’m afraid of bridges)

The podcast is now available for downloading at the usual places.  I suggest giving them a listen, just perhaps with the lights on.  Certainly in my case NOT while on a car ride when I might cross a bridge.


perhaps my favorite phobia from the podcast, Ichyyphobia, or in this case the fear of stepping on fish.

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