Where I Listen to Crazy Conspiracy Theory Show So You Don’t Have To

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October 18, 2015 by kittynh

Have to love this! Right up our alley!

Two Different Girls

You’re welcome.

First, I’m superficially acquainted with some conspiracy theories: the 9/11 truthers, the anti-vaxx crowds who think vaccines are to make people sick on purpose (you know, Big Pharma wants to keep you on their products), that the government suppresses knowledge of alien landings/free energy/cancer cures/X-Files, and how dentists put RFID chips in the Novocaine shots. But I really had no idea how many of these crankpot ideas are out there, and how many web sites are devoted to the echo chamber of weird ideas.  Because some government cover-ups really happen (NSA and Snowden, anyone?), revelations feed the fire and convince the conspiracy buffs that ALL of their ideas are correct.

I was reading a list of comments on an article about the use of smart meters by utilities, and opened a link that the writer had described as more information about the pushbacks against these meters. I…

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