Good Bye Bigfoot!


August 20, 2015 by kittynh

Bigfoot can peek in my windows.

Bigfoot can peek in my windows.

I am sure many readers know I have lived for over 20 years on land where BIGFOOT HAS BEEN SEEN!  As the part time skeptic of the local laid back Bigfoot Club, I have for the past 5 years done a “survey” of the land behind my home.

Bigfoot final goodbye?

Bigfoot final goodbye?

One of the goals of the Bigfoot Club is to try innovative and new ways to search for the elusive creature.  I was especially pleased with the dedication of members to the “snow scanning” effort each winter.  The thought was that if Yeti’s were related to Bigfoot, then perhaps Bigfoot would leave snow footprints like those claimed by Yeti supporters.

Sadly, the only real success were some odd tracks I found at the local State Park.  It was more the behavior indicated by these tracks, then the tracks themselves, which proved to be the mystery.  A Bigfoot would probably behave as most mammals do in the winter, which is to use the trails made by humans whenever possible.  The prints I found showed a long animal with a wide stride that came down a hillside and then walked in the small stream.  It has never been explained, but this one mystery was not enough to keep the “snow scanning” program going.  This past winter was the last year.

Still, I gladly kept up the quick look and even helped with the trail camera that for several years up in the backyard of my home.

Fuzzy enough, could that be Bigfoot (the dark shape to the left behind the trees?)

Fuzzy enough, could that be Bigfoot (the dark shape to the left behind the trees?)

However, a chronic illness has meant that I have made the hard decision to move to town.  I will no longer have acres to scan and my hopes of meeting Bigfoot are gone.  I never really thought as a skeptic I would be the one to solve the mystery.  I just didn’t think there was much mystery.  Still, I considered it fair play to help out.

I took one last small hike through the woods behind the house. Often I would just scan from my own windows, but I wanted to do a real walk for my last scanning session.

I found no Bigfoot.  However, I did collect a very fresh sample of unknown animal poop.  It was still warm!  I carry the lovely Bigfoot DNA collection sample kit with me always.

Warm and fresh, did I just miss Bigfoot?  Or perhaps a bear?  I'm more scared of bears.

Warm and fresh, did I just miss Bigfoot? Or perhaps a bear? I’m more scared of bears.

I also noticed a heart like shape on a tree.  I’m sure it was always there, but this was the first time I noticed it.  Perhaps it’s the spirit of whatever it is I’ve been hunting for, the mystery made up by humans, that left it there for me to see.  Skeptics can be sentimental also.

Bigfoot hearts me!

Bigfoot hearts me!

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